When you awaken to all within you,

you awaken to all around you.

The mastery of intimate connection.


It's time to lift your head and admit the truth about how you're really feeling.


  • Drained, depleted, and disconnected from yourself on every plane. Emotional. Physical. Spiritual. You feel like you’re far from home, and you don’t know how to navigate the journey back.

  • Like the erotic spark you used to have has dimmed, squelched by years of fighting to be noticed — and listened to — by the ones who matter most.

  • Anxious and depressed, fighting off the feelings creeping up from inside your heart. Is this partnership still working? Can you get the intimacy back? Will you two ever recover what’s been lost?

  • Powerless in your romantic relationship. It’s as if you’re no longer the two people you once were. He’s more like a stranger to you. And you’re more like a stranger to yourself.


We all crave love, sex, and intimacy.

You just haven’t been taught how to access it.




This work is a magical elixir for plugging into your intimate power.

Allow me to be your guide as I lead you to the refreshing pool of unlimited life force energy laying in wait inside you. When you dip your toes into these invigorating waters, there’s no more denying just how much aliveness is already within your grasp.


How incredible would it feel to:


  • Reclaim your sexual and personal power in your romantic relationships?
  • Become a world-class seductress, capable of mesmerizing your man — and the world?
  • Rewire your sexual conditioning, so you can finally taste the true ecstasy that’s been eluding you?
  • Feel safe and sexy in every curve of your body?
  • Heal any lingering sexual health issues, so you can tap into your full, unbridled orgasmic capacity? (This is how you experience levels of pleasure you never even knew were possible.)
  • Surrender to the secret desires you’ve been suppressing, and let your lover ravage you without the walls of anxiety, fear or disconnection?
  • Connect your heart with your pussy, as you deepen your romantic relationships and ignite true intimacy?

I’m on the tip of my clients’ tongues..

“Theano has a deep wisdom that flows through in her session that always made me feel like the Goddess herself was present in her words. She guided me with fierce love into places that I have never explored before, even after years and years of personal development work, while giving me the courage, support and strength that allowed me to go there. I transformed some of my deepest shadows in her presence and for this I am forever grateful. Theano holds a transmission of sexual radiance that feels empowering and liberating to receive. I highly recommend working with her, as you will be truly transformed at the deepest level of your being.” M.C.

Unapologetically Feminine is the premiere coaching program for women who want to live in the turn-on of life."