What's the difference between a man who commands every room he walks into, makes his woman feel safe and secure in his arms, and has a sex life that rivals anything inside the images of playboy...


And the one who's living an unfulfilling shallow life he's busy trying to escape from?

The mastery of intimate power.


It's time to lower your defenses and admit the truth about how you're really feeling.


  • Powerful in so many areas of your life...except your relationships. You’re trying your hardest, but they’ve still been inconsistent, messy, and shallow. You feel like you’re failing in the one area that matters the most.
  • Drained, depleted, and disconnected from yourself on every plane. Emotional. Physical. Spiritual. Yes, climbing the ladder rungs of your career, chasing down the gold medals, and rising to the top of the pack has been rewarding in its own way. But is it really all that meaningful?
  • You’re bored and always in pursuit of the Next Great Distraction — a shiny object, a highly addictive habit, a one-night stand. There’s no limit to what you’re willing to pursue...or how empty you’ll feel as soon as you’ve conquered it. You want fulfillment. You want connection. You want authenticity. You want gravity-defying sex. But you don’t know how to sustain it.
  • Insecure about your marriage or partnership. Is she sexually satisfied? Is she faithful? Is she happy? When it comes to business, you can read just about anybody. But women? That’s a different story.

I’ve chased down the temporary high of achievement, accolades, and even the measure of what other people think — all in the name of avoiding the real work. And I’ve sat with myself in every dimension — dark, light, and the spectrum in between.


But bypassing opportunities for deep connection, shutting out those who long to love us, and ignoring the burning embers of our truth only buffers us from our bodies, severs us from our souls, and separates us from the meaningful relationships that make life worth living.


We all crave love, sex, and intimacy.

You just haven’t been taught how to access it.




This work is a magical elixir for plugging into your intimate power.

Allow me to be your guide as I lead you to the refreshing pool of unlimited life force energy laying in wait inside you. When you dip your toes into these invigorating waters, there’s no more denying just how much aliveness is already within your grasp.


How incredible would it feel to:


  • Master the art of seduction — at home and in the world?
  • Become a better lover AND a better partner?
  • Rewire your sexual conditioning, so you can finally taste the true ecstasy that’s been eluding you?
  • Feel sexually attractive and magnetic inside — and outside — of the bedroom?
  • Heal any lingering sexual health issues, so you can tap into your full, unbridled orgasmic capacity? (This is how you experience levels of pleasure you never even knew were possible.)
  • Surrender to the secret desires you’ve been suppressing, and unleash your full sexual potency?
  • Connect your heart with your penis, as you deepen your romantic relationships and ignite true intimacy?

I’m on the tip of my clients’ tongues..

“Working with Theano has been transformational in many ways, and I feel like I have just barely scraped the surface. Coming to Theano, I knew that I have had deep rooted issues from my first ever relationship as a 18 year old boy, and that one experience has been unconsciously driving my life for the last 20 years.

Through Theano’s embodiment work, she has helped me become more in tune with my sexual energy and go beyond surface level pleasure and desires. From a personal pleasure perspective, she has helped me discover a deeper level of pleasure and reignite that desire.

From a relationship perspective, she has helped me make a major shift in my life to where I no longer make my decisions “from a place of fear”, but “from a place of love”. This is just one of the many ways she has significantly impacted my life.” K.R.

"First-Class Love is the premiere coaching program for men who want to live in the turn-on of life"